There’s a land that’s fair and bright,
Where the handouts grow on bushes
And you sleep out every night.


Photography by Tone



So, it’s wednesday. Comics day! So here is mine. 

This is my own big tribute to the great "Moon Knight" run made by the amazing creative team: Warren Ellis (warrenellis), Declan Shalvey (dshalv) and of course Jordie Bellaire (jordiecolorsthings). 

I’ve always thought that my first fan-made story would be about Spider-Man or Batman or someone else. But exactly THIS book inspired me to do my first short comics ever. My story is messy, it has issues, it was very VERY difficult for me to do, but after all I am pretty okay with the result. 

I want to say BIG thank you to creators of this book! It is awesome and will be one of my favourites forever.

(All the characters belong to Marvel.)


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Wow, MEGA impressed with this GREAT tribute story. Even Jordie pointed out to me the attention paid to the colours.

Fantastic job sir.

Q: Do you have any opinions on the new writer and artist for moon knight?


I DO have opinions.

I’m a huge fan of Brian’s writing (we’ve worked together many times) and I think Greg Smallwood is a fantastic artist. I read the first issue of their run and thought it was spectacular. I’ve seen the artwork for the next issue and I think it’s even better.

Now that I’m not drawing the book anymore, I can easily say MOON KNIGHT is my favourite Marvel book right now, just ahead of Daredevil.

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